Shakespeare's Theatre: A History

  Shakespeare’s Theatre: A History examines the theatre spaces used by William Shakespeare, and explores these spaces in relation to the social and political framework of the Elizabethan era. The…

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A Companion to Literary Theory

  Introduces readers to the modes of literary and cultural study of the previous half century A Companion to Literary Theory is a collection of 36 original essays, all by…

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C. S. Lewis

  The definitive exploration of C.S. Lewis’s philosophical thought, and its connection with his theological and literary work Arguably one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, C.S….

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A Companion to Renaissance Poetry

  The most comprehensive collection of essays on Renaissance poetry on the market Covering the period 1520–1680, A Companion to Renaissance Poetry offers 46 essays which present an in-depth account…

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The Romantic Poetry Handbook

  An absorbing survey of poetry written in one of the most revolutionary eras in the history of British literature This comprehensive survey of British Romantic poetry explores the work…

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The Passions: A Study of Human Nature

  A survey of astonishing breadth and penetration. No cognitive neuroscientist should ever conduct an experiment in the domain of the emotions without reading this book, twice. Parashkev Nachev, Institute…

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Auschwitz Testimonies: 1945-1986

  In 1945, soon after the liberation of Auschwitz, Soviet authorities in control of the Kattowitz (Katowice) camp in Poland asked Primo Levi and his fellow captive Leonardo De Benedetti…

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Jealousy: A Forbidden Passion

  Amorous jealousy is not a monster, as Shakespeare’s venomous Iago claims. It is neither prickly and bitter fancy, nor a cruel and mean passion, nor a symptom of feeble…

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Modern Literature

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A Handbook of English Renaissance Literary Studies

  Provides a detailed map of contemporary critical theory in Renaissance and Early Modern English literary studies beyond Shakespeare A Handbook of English Renaissance Literary Studies is a groundbreaking guide…

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